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Austin MN Schools

“Viewpoint has provided Austin Public Schools with a consistent, efficient, and effective data management system. As an educational partner since 2006, we have found Viewpoint to be an invaluable tool that helps transform complex data sets into easy-to-read and understandable graphical representations for teachers and administrators to make smart, data-driven decisions.”

Corey Haugen
Director of Information Technology for Austin Public Schools ISD 492

Connie Erickson, Ph.D.
Assessment and information Systems
Burnsville ISD 191

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Marshall High School Faribault MN

“I absolutely love Viewpoint and use it daily. It has proven to be invaluable as we move into in the direction of RTI. We have immediate access to data that can drive our decisions on a daily basis. It has taken away the fear of data and it has literally put more time into our day so we can work directly with students.”

Terrance Ronayne
Principal – Faribault Public Schools (MN)

Kenneth Griswold
Data and Assessment Coordinator
Owattona Public Schools ISD 761

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Hillsborough County Public Schools FL

“Viewpoint is one of the major ‘go-to’ applications used by Hillsborough County Public Schools instructional and support staff. It’s user friendly, graphical interface coupled with real-time data allows for prompt and informed decisions for students and schools alike. This tool is one of the most popular and favorite programs in our county.”

Jan Holden
Dept. Manager – Instructional Technology
Hillsborough County Public Schools (FL)

Marie Pangerl
District Assessment Coordinator
Sartell-St.Stephen ISD 748

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Viewpoint Nebraska Testimony

“Before partnering with Viewpoint, our district was looking for ways for teachers and administrators to easily access our student data to help with continuous improvement efforts & instructional planning decision-making.

Viewpoint not only provides us with clear, easy-to-understand, and ready-to-access data; but also has given us the ability to break down our current and historical data to help us answer questions about our students and their learning. This has helped us to identify areas where we need to improve AND areas we need to celebrate. Knowledge of our district is critical to making decisions that allow us to continuously improve and Viewpoint has given us the key to that knowledge.”

Laurie Hanna
Director of Assessment and Accreditation
Bellevue Public Schools (NE)

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